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Momo also harasses Hungarian children on chat rooms

A young man scared by a girl named Momo could have been among a 15-year-old girl's death in an East Hungarian settlement. The suicide challenge spreads virtually on the net.

Momo phenomenon: scares kids onlineA 15-year-old girl committed suicide in an East Hungarian settlement without any indication. A carefully planned suicide can be a Momo named for horror, which spreads virtually on the net.The girl's mother made a call on the largest community site asking for parents who had lost a child because of an internet challenge after the mother read her girlfriend's Facebook messages and said that distorted face, scary figure, Momo takes his victims on WhatsApp or Facebook, Messenger wants to persuade adolescents to to complete certain tasks, including suicide. The figure sends kids audio files and nice videos. It is not known who is behind the figure, but it is possible to imitate the original figure more and more.Momo scares children in several languages ​​- English, Japanese, Spanish - but has also appeared in Germany and Arabic. The figure gives children different tasks and is threatened if they fail to meet their assigned tasks.
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