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It took me a couple of weeks, how old are you?

According to a study, babies between the ages of 34 and 37 are more advanced than their counterparts in their development, and this may influence their school performance.

It took me a couple of weeks!

The result contradicts the notion that there is no effect on the baby if it is born a couple of weeks earlier.
Boston Research 6300 born for a while and 1200 this early baby was born (Born between 34 and 37) analyzing infant data. The examination showedto 2 years old the early babies were born Mental health with 52 percent more currency suffered from severe delaysand were born with 43 percent higher currency rates. The motor kйszsйgek terйn suffer koraszьlцttek more 56 szбzalйkkal valуszнnыsйggel sъlyos lemaradбsokban, йs more 58 szбzalйkkal valуszнnыsйggel experienced lower korlбtozottsбgokat as szьletett the idхre tбrsaiknбl "So far, these csecsemхket tekintettйk egyszerыen less szьletett idхre babбknak rather than koraszьlцtteknek. - said the Pediatrics folyуirat author of a paper published in the February 14 issue, Dr. Melissa A. Woythaler, Specialist at the General Court, Massachusetts General Court. "We need to change that attitude now."
Researchers mention some of the limitations of their study, such as possible neonatal events and possible weaknesses in the developmental test used in research. The results are nonetheless consistent with other research on early births. They showed that they were such babies higher risk of respiratory disorders, or less they perform less well in school, and more often they have a problem with their behavior.
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