She took her back to the prison because she couldn't sleep with the baby

A Romanian millionaire woman was abducting an adopted child for one day: she was secretly taken back the other day because she was unable to sleep.

Monica Columbeanu, a twenty-six-year-old Bucharest millionaire woman, has received a small flip-flop in a big churn, the Daily Mail reports. Paris Hilton's girlfriend became famous when she was 18 years old married one of the richest people in our eastern neighborhood, the then 56-year-old Irinel Columbeanu, but the bullpen was never really liked, so her pop was expecting a spike, which, however, came to a standstill. three-year-old boy, Alex, whom you wanted to betray. With the help of a charity foundation, he made it possible for him to be released on the family estate for the weekend.

Photo: Europress

However, it was revealed later that Alex had been taken back to the prison after the first night. The little boy couldn't sleep in his new bed, he cried a lot. Monica couldn't sleep from the bed and realized that the adoption wasn't something for her either, he sent the boy back to the barracks - reports hнr24.