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The ads are more effective in ovis

According to a recent study, those who regularly see the Sezam Street series and the advertisements that have been interrupted have become more likely to be consumed by those who cheat.

All of this leads to the conclusion that the little ones are very easy to influence through advertising, and that they have a huge responsibility for what they are popularizing in the future. As Jennifer Edmond, an American report obsolescence, if they promote poor, fattening products in all their diets, as most people spend more than three days each year, and during the next year in New Hampshire, watching a quarter-episode of Sesame Street in the year before. The schoolchildren were given some lactating snacks before the show - so they didn't sit down in front of the fairy tale - and they could consume unlimited amounts of it during the show. This time around, some of the stories were dropped without any food ads, and the other parts came with adverts that advertise a lot of gossip, and as much as they could, over 29.5 kiloboules.Dr. Allison Stakovsky it is important to ensure that children do not spend more than one urn in front of a screen every day, and suspend the fire for the day. Ideally, the family should be together, and the responsibility of the parents is of the utmost importance.