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Self-restraint Teaching Begins Sex Life

An ethical, experimental, light-only program that focuses on self-restraint can inspire young people to begin sex. This program is different from the ones the United States withdrew in support of the past.

In space, we do not preach that we need to keep our wives until marriage, nor do we condone the use of condoms. Instead, they are helping 12-year-olds to have late sex.
They need to list the examples and the countermeasures so they can see that the latter are far more numerous. The study was published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. The research was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and involved 662 Philadelphia children. There were eight occupations in which children could engage in eight occupations: they dealt only with abstinence requests, or with safe sex, or both, and the fourth group generally discussed health.
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playback Two years later, one third of children who deal only with abstinence have had a sexual relationship with an occupation contractor. In the other three groups, this ratio reached 49 percent. Valerie Huber, director of the National Abstinence Education Program, welcomed the study and said she hoped it would arouse the government's interest.
Critics of purely self-restraint programs have warned that these do not work, according to evidence. The new study shakes this up, but even the authors suggest that the results do not mean that compulsory sexual arousal can be ignored. The program, which dealt only with self-restraint, was based on socio-psychological assumptions about behavioral motivation. They have been advocating the drinking of alcohol to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Love and retention in adolescence

Psychologist John Jemmott, the lead author of the study, said the results were surprising, as previous research on self-restraint only had negative results. According to Jemmott, a one-point approach to self-restraint support is more effective than the other viewpoints in the study. "The message does not mix with any other message," said Jemmott, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who has been studying ways to reduce the dangerous behavior of downtown youth.
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playback Monica Rodriguez of the United States Office of Sexual Information and Education, which advocates for compulsory sexual education, said the study did not mean that she was pursuing other programs. "It is not fair to compare this program to a typical abstinence-only program where young people in the country have taken part," he said. They usually portray sex and condom use in a much more negative light. Rodriguez said the study program may be useful for younger children, but not for young people who have had a lot of sexual experience.
Almost a quarter of the teenagers enrolled in the study have had sexual intercourse at least once, similar to studies conducted by 11-13 year olds, mainly with African American children living in the city.