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Everything you need to know about ticks

Although we do not like ticks - they are not beautiful, they spread diseases, but we must pay attention to them.

The most common type of disease caused by ticks is Lyme disease, which often causes nervous disorders and, if left untreated, can cause business and muscle aches. . They also like to stick to humans and animals (such as deer, bird, mouse, arrow), always looking for the lightest skin possible, they make a small wound on the skin where the tongue can start. Since ticks are painless, it is difficult to detect. It is important that you detect it before the start of the blood transfusion, and that the ticks removed professionally and 24 ounces are not very problematic. But as the days pass by, the currency has a greater chance of infecting us. It is good to know that a tick can infect more than one infection at a time, for example Lyme kуrt, anaplazmуzist йs babйziуzist also, let's just repeat, with just one bite.

So (don't) remove the tick

However, be aware that it does not matter how we want to eliminate ticks. There are many methods on the net that many people do, but unfortunately they are completely useless. For example, we do not want to "choke" the tick by rubbing ourselves with petroleum jelly, petrol or honeysuckle, as researchers say that the tick is surprisingly much more airborne.The easiest thing to do is remove it with tweezers the tick - such a specialty tool is available at any pharmacy, but you can even use a personal eyewear for home use. If the tick has wiped itself with blood and is swollen, you can remove it with your finger. Be careful not to push the stomach, as it may get rid of the body. If the tick's head stays in our skin, don't worry, it won't cause the damage anymore, sooner or later it will fall out by itself. If we are done with this operation, we will disinfect both the device and our skin, such as alcohol.

Recognition of the Lyme Gorge

Contrary to popular belief, Lyme disease very rarely affects the skin, it is replaced by a skin or a tingling sensation in the stores. Often it also exhibits a seemingly fatty, stingy or impenetrable appearance. Cerebral inflammation or encephalitis may also develop if the disease is prolonged.


Regardless of the fact that we are bitten by a tick, it is not certain that we will become Lyme, as not all ticks are infected. 100-percent prevention methods are unfortunately not available, insect repellents in humans are only a long-term protection, dog collars If you are going out, it is worth putting your trousers in your socks or boots, and your trousers in your trousers.Some recommendations It is also worth checking out 2-3 urns, especially our bends, such as our ears, our deaths, our landscapes, but our scalp and our skin are also worth a close look. If we do not have such frequent check-ups, then as soon as we get home, begin by thoroughly rinsing our skin. (Via)These may also be of interest to ticks: