Let's protect the baby skin too!

Although the skin of babies is blatantly soft, the harsh weather of the winter, the dry air, the heated room, the wind can start the skin of the little ones. How do we take care of the first, "defensive" line of small things?

Let's protect the baby skin too!

The problem with our skin can be far greater than in the summer or in the warmer spring months. The cold weather, the wind, and the heated and dry air of the apartment, even the strong, hard-wearing skin of adults! The babies are not impressed to develop it properly the first line of defense. The little one your skin is much thinnerlike an adult, its horns are more permeable, minimal sebum production, and neither the protective acid mantle nor the natural bacterial flora have been completely eroded. contains less pigmentthan adults, they are therefore more sensitive to UV radiation and more blushing. THE book protection should also be overlooked, because it is not "sunny" by the sun, there is still UV radiation. So if you are organizing an all-day outdoor program, you should lubricate the child's body parts with sun cream.

Hydration should start "indoors"!

Like adults, babies often have a background of skin problems due to improper, unbalanced diet, or lack of fluid intake. The smallest (naturally) breast milk, or, in its absence, the formula, also covers the liquid and nutrient requirements. The bigger cats are worth combining the fruits and vegetables to cover their baby's vitamin and mineral requirements. body weight requires 150 ml of fluid per kilogram. In addition, there is a need for Vitamin A (sources include beetroot, apricot, roasters), Vitamin B (found in cereals, greens, peas), Vitamin C (many in apple, broccoli, also in the form of drops, but is in eggs, milk, dairy products) for beautiful skin care.Most skin problems can be traced back deficiency of a vitamin: crumpled nail or hair indicates vitamin A deficiency; if the body needs less vitamin B, the result is cracked, dry, itchy skin.

Creams, ointments, oils

The cold and the fresh air cannot be missed even in the cooler weather; The dripping cold and the wind can be a good service to the greasy ointment (nowadays you can also get "high-end creams"). like the cold! Choose your baby's well-ventilated, natural-made clothes and dress in bulk!

Use of my laundry, bath ointment

Many parents are frightened by the use of washing ointment because they do not know how to make an average bath product. Some people smear the baby and wash it off in the water, but the risk is that the baby slips out of his hands and can hit himself! Let's rinse 2x the amount of tap water and shake it thoroughly. This results in a moderate bath of liquid soap. If it is cold and because of this, the cream may have thickened, let's replenish it with warm water and refresh it. However, water removes and moisturizes natural moisture-absorbing substances from the upper layer of the skin. This can be countered by adding baby oil or special baby baths to the water. Not only do they contain cleansing, but also skin-care substances, oils, and anti-inflammatory herbal extracts. If you bathe a little after bathing, always use a special baby cream or body polish. It is best to apply the skin immediately after bathing.Also make sure that you do not spend too much time in the water for a little: ten minutes in advance! In fact, most babies (especially if they have a tendency to dry their skin), you don't even have to bathe it every day: Cicamosdás may be just enough for them!
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