Get out of the sugar price!

Are you annoyed that nut bread is snacking in the ovis? Or are you afraid that your child will eat something and wait for you on an empty stomach? Our relationship to wisdom is a request that cannot be swept under the rug.

What's wrong with sugar?

Sugar is needed by the body and is a physiological request for sugar metabolism. However, it is not the same that consuming refined sugar in all its possible forms is not only superfluous but also extremely harmful. Now we're after what.
Rita he was a so-called bad eater, six years old. Parents, in despair, don't mind even eating something sweet, just something in their stomach. At first, milky delicacies were spotted in a row, but after a year, the baby was barely able to live in chocolate, ice cream and ice cream. But Rita, though she was very small as a kid, was getting round and clumpier from year to year, even though she was not moving, even though she was being driven by car. It is now becoming more and more evident that somewhere, someday, restrictions should have been set. Even if this is often a patience game, it is easier to have a snack or something for the hysterics with something to eat.
The effect of sugar consumption can be seen well by us and our children, just need to be taken into consideration! After that, the man becomes almost feverish, and then comes the wolf sickness. In this case, we include sugar in the price, as blood glucose fluctuations are very aptly called, and in order to quench our hunger, we return to the high-sugar content. Diabetes Makes Big Sizes Worldwide! The United States has a whopping headwaters and seventy kilos of sugar each year, and Austria has a fortune, but Hungary is well placed with forty kilos.

Photo: Rbtka Йva

What does sugar do to us?

Kirбly is dietitian:
- After eating sugar, your blood sugar levels suddenly rise, which stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin. In this case, you need a lot of insulin to correct your blood sugar, which quickly lowers your blood sugar, but you will soon become hungry again. If we are not eating the right diet, we are slowly becoming ecological. Constantly fluctuating, rapidly rising and then rapidly decreasing insulin action will overload your pancreas and insulin resistance (meaning that your cells will need more and more insulin to buy the same amount of sugar). It is a shocking fact that type 2 diabetes is becoming more common in children.
We are so used to consuming sugar that we consume up to 50 cubic feet per day per head and on average. Although in industrial quantities only a couple of hundred of the sugars were available before it could be obtained raw. During this time, our organization has not adapted to it.
The body naturally needs all the sugars, but it can be covered from natural sources through regular consumption of fruit. If your child is often ill, has dermatitis, eczema, or has a history of obesity, you may have behavioral problems, such as excessive sugar consumption.

It's not all about paying for sugary foods!

Unfortunately, in wits and kindergartens, parents aren't usually asked what their kids are eating, but when it comes to home meals, it's worth trying all the good things for family members. Once you have become accustomed to consuming a lot of sugars, you need to slowly switch from one diet to another one containing valuable nutrients.
In the experience of ill-eating babies, experience has shown that their passions will eventually appear, but the pattern of the first few years, the search for familiar tastes, determines their lives.What are you risking?
- caries
- a tendency to digestive tract diseases
- associated with weakening of the immune system
- tendency to fungus
- problems with the nervous system: hyperactivity, irritability, behavior disorders
- removes vitamins and minerals (like calcium from the bones)
- Overloading the pancreas can lead to diabetes, which in turn causes a great deal of damage to the body. Did you know that seventy percent of diabetic endothelial surgery needs to be done?