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Baby Channel, Theater, Concert, Museum & Tubs - Get ready for the coming week and summer!

Sing, say, move!
Pentecostal Csiri-Biri baby channel at Wekerle Children's House for ages 1 to 3, for excited-moving kids! You can change from dwarf to irony, compete with your peers, wonder about the world upside down, swing on your backyard, see what's main in Gyula's pots, cook and eat.
Model fair at the Museum of Transport
On May 14th, Saturday 10th, we will collect collectors' models for exchange or purchase on a total of 50 tables. At the Model Fair you will be able to purchase all kinds of transport models, accessories, brochures and modeling equipment. You will be able to enter at the exchange with a ticket for 300 HUF. Museum of Public Transportation, Budapest XIV., Vřrosligeti krt. 11thVaridance
Variations of traditional Hungarian folklore elements featuring several hip-hop, steppe and contemporary style features will be presented on Tuesday at the National Tenth Anniversary of the National Temporary Hall.
During the seventy-minute performance, the dancers will try to enchant the public with unique choreographies that evoke the circus, the theater and the world of the film - the organizers informed.
From the most successful choreography of the past decade, Bertalan Várri has compiled the repertoire of Varidance, a unique and unique piece of Hungarian treasure and hip-hop, steppe and contemporary styles.
The Harangozou-Dance Festival eleven years ago was one of the founders, co-founders, and co-choreographers of the Experidance ensemble, and in 2008, the Preservation Company established the contemporary Hungarian Dance Foundation.
The closest performance will be on May 28th. Buy your ticket in advance!Meditative concert with Tomasz Czartoryski
The internationally renowned gongmaster gives an extraordinary concert on Saturday evening at the Sooker Cave, huge gongs, tibetan soundtrack, crystal table, shellfish, flute, indian sruti and other sound therapy. You can listen to the meditative atmosphere in a relaxed, relaxed position. Interviewed by Wong Halina Bergerne, a gongmaster, leader of the MaGong Ensemble.
Party at the museum
In connection with the World Museum Day, the National Museum is waiting for you to visit the garden on May 21-22 with a rich selection of programs!
At the Museums at night, June 24, the National Museum of Liberty opens. This is the reason why the Museums in May opened in the spirit of the louis vuitton handbags and in close proximity A little bit of a European title is available in the form of a booklet and program guide. Craftwork, face painting, sacking, puzzles, drawing.Also for the youngest
Magic Wines June 27th and July 29th at the Magic Garden at BabaMamaHaz! At the Children's Center of Zuglú, special and affordable Magic Wines await all the deceivers with the Magic of the Witches Educators. In addition to the rich playground, you can get smart in English in a motion-based training class or sing in the fabulous music club, or even for the youngest, for an extra $ 3 per day!
There is a celebration every Friday, where there is the opportunity for common singing and dancing with the parents.