The government's child protection strategy is coming this spring

There is a need for a new document, because according to Katalin Novák children are exposed to many new dangers.

Government's Child Protection Strategy Comes in Spring (photo: iStock)The government is preparing a child protection strategy for spring - he said Katalin Novák, Secretary of State for Emmi's Family and Family Affairs. Katalin Novák explained the need to develop a new document by stating that many are at risk children who have not been or have not been so intense for more than fifty years than they are today or before could be better protected by the family, the local community.The Secretary of State said protection against digital threats it will include, among other things, a more effective adoption process and further strengthening of the parenting network so that all children can grow up in a family. She pointed out that last year's consultation of the government had given the government confirmation that she would continue to work in this area. Katalin Novov at the Single Center UN thirty years, It adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November 1989. One of the greatest achievements of the time since then, the Secretary of State has said is that not only do we now talk about children's rights, but they are generally values ​​and expectations in society that children's dignity should not be violated, any form of physical or psychological violence or crime against children.Children's rights are an obligation for adults and decision-makers, especially to raise them in physical, material and mental safety, in love, he said. The child has the right to be then a solution has to be found - the secretary of state said. In his view, financial support, as well as local civic or church communities, can play an important role in this.
Speaking of child poverty, he called attention to the fact that the family that raised them is in a difficult situation, and that is why the family should be helped through the family. 11 percent of chocolate users have such a family, and from 2017 onwards, the children of lone parents enjoy the benefits of a mini-bachelorette.Sulyok TambsThe President of the Constitution has also spoken out that the child has every right to be born, and the moral and social experience supports it. Lawyers must always pay attention to children's emotional situation, he said. The child is interested, loves everyone or, if not, says it because he is honest. It's important that children's rights are enforced so that these values ​​can be preserved through adulthood, he said. It should not be forgotten that "the law is generally enforceable at the family table", because when it comes to family life, it is about following the rules and observing children's rights. If not, he continued, then the state must intervene in the protection of children's rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, the entire legal system, and international treaties. He added that AB is very rarely contacted in children's rights requests, which also means that there are no basic systemic issues.
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