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Pregnancy exacerbates asthma symptoms

Women who have asthma before pregnancy often experience deterioration of their condition during pregnancy. They often have drowsiness, asthma attacks, and numbness.

Pregnancy exacerbates asthma symptomsDr. Lilla Tambs, a professor at the Pulmonology Clinic at Semmelweis University, told that women with asthma should not stop taking their medication during pregnancy as they should which can lead to premature birth, spontaneous abortion, preeclampsia, low birth weight, and neonatal mortality. It is also possible to use inhalation medication while breastfeeding because it is only very small in breast milk. The clinic, which has been unique in the country for 18 years, provides an outpatient care for asthma pregnant women. They help 80-100 patients a year with councils and medicines. Pregnant women are approx. 3 percent suffer from asthma, with 30 percent having a worsening of symptoms by 15 weeks of pregnancy. the pharmacist. Because of the lack of oxygen, untreated asthma is dangerous to both the mother and the fetus.You should not smoke during pregnancy, but an asthma should not become pregnant: Cigarette exacerbates asthma symptoms and exacerbates .Related articles in Asthma:
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