So treat your gold during pregnancy

Gold mining is not uncommon during pregnancy and can be very unpleasant. Here are some good tips to make your weekend a little better.

Gold bullion has become a real disease, according to some statistics, almost everyone in Hungary, at least once in their life. It is also very common during pregnancy.Golden gold is a mole covered with a mucous membrane close to the vertebra, which plays a role in the normal functioning of the body.If, for some reason, the cyst that opens the mole is opened, the mole will fall out of the end canal, become inflamed, head, bleed, which will lead to the development of gold disease. In addition to the mild weakness of the larynx, increased abdominal pressure may play a role in the development of the problem: it may result in reduced, difficult, physical work, weight loss, and fatigue in sports. .Let us live in warm water - Let's get hot water and dive for a few minutes, several times a day!
Avoid it in one place, I spent a lot of time - It puts pressure on the venaus sinus and rectus, so it is advisable to interrupt the continuous breathing periodically. Whenever possible, stop or try to lie on your side.
Let's use some herbal medicine - There are numerous donations that specifically address this problem, so feel free to consult your doctor and ask for advice! To prevent this:
- Add the right amount of fiber to your diet
- Drink plenty of water and fluids
- Add some exercise to your daily routine
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