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The pulmonary tissue is a dull, inflammatory disease that can be seen in some cases, preceded by coughing and cold sores.


Generally, pneumonia

Pulmonary inflammation of the lungs and / or the bladder area inflammatory diseasee.
Due to its origin, pneumonia can be bacterial, viral, so-called mixed or secondary (eg, catarrhal diseases, pneumonia following influenza), ascites (aspiration), , breathing heavily, stinging, having difficulty in breathing, needing hospital treatment. The child is also characterized by falls, dizziness, fever, coughing, and extremely poor physical condition. It is advisable to ventilate frequently, or to lubricate the chest with a chest ointment, and then apply a warm upper. The procedures described in the home remedy are not a substitute for medical treatment, they are merely a supplement!


Based on the symptoms, two types of the disease are distinguished: acute And it is atнpusos formбt.
Acute pneumonia is mostly caused by bacteria, and is usually preceded by upper or lower respiratory catarrh. After inflammation of the lungs, the fever suddenly rises and the cough increases. Chest pain associated with breathing may also occur. The sick child is fallen, dizzy, has more breathing, often with difficulty breathing. During infancy, diarrhea is also common.
Atypical pneumonia is most often caused by viruses. Common symptoms: fever, malaise, headache, muscle aches, coughing.
For the examination of pneumonia besides the general examination of chest rцntgenfelvйteland laboratory examinations may be required to reverse the detection of the patient and allow the patient to receive targeted therapy.


The treatment is definitely medicationmeans antibiotic therapy should be started immediately. The choice of antibiotic will take into account the nature, extent of the pneumonia, the age of the patient, and the general condition.
The treatment plays an important role in proper home care: the child needs rest on his bed.
Infants are important a szoptatбs Continuation, support, fatigue in older children, fat loss, dietary hydration required. If the child is incapacitated, it is unnecessary to force the eater, but folyadйkbevitelthere is a great need. If the child is vomiting, the lack of fluids should be dealt with under hospital conditions.
Frequent ventilation is important, even when sleeping close to an open window.

Prevention, healing

What can we do to prevent our child from having pneumonia?
  • continue to breastfeed
  • In the autumn and winter we should go for fresh air
  • Avoid Closed Lights, Cluttered Areas (Cost Centered), Mass Events
  • pay attention to proper nutrition and adequate fluid intake
  • do not carry the child with childhood symptoms with cataracts
  • there are immunizations against the two causes of pneumonia (B strain of Pneumococcus, Hemophilus influenzae)

Patients usually heal completely within two weeks.
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