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The bad parenting habits you have for your child

Parents are the number one example, the main pattern for children, so if you want your children to grow up happier and more balanced, they should first and foremost change their behavior and habits.

Don't criticize yourself!

Many times, negative comments fall out of our mouths to notice just how big our hair is or how big our buttocks are. There is no need, however, for our child to learn that only mirrors are to be observed in the mirror! Excessive criticism of ourselves teaches children low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and excessive occupation with externalities!Don't criticize yourself, it will also teach your child wrong

Don't regret it!

Hurry up, you have to comfort yourself with the time! Wisdom does not help you to control tension, nor does it reduce stress and frustration. In exchange, you have conveyed the message to your child that food is the only thing that can bring you happiness and peace. Try learning other stress management techniques, for example, go for a walk, talk, or meditate.

Hang up the phone!

It's easy to dirty your kids to put too much pressure on your smartphone or tablet! It's just not so credible to do all this so that we, adults, are always in our hands! There should be well-defined rules, but these should be followed by all members of the family! Do not push the phone down, for example, at the dining table or while away.

Don't wait for alcohol!

Every day you can come across funny pictures and quotes whereby one's mother's life can only be consumed with one (or more) glasses of wine. However, with this behavior, we teach children that alcohol is a great tool for relaxation, stress relief, and self-esteem — and that is simply not true. Alcohol (or even coffee and energy drinks) can be extremely addictive, and we have no organs to work with.

Don't make every race!

Healthy competition is a good thing, and it is a part of human nature that we like to compete with others, but constantly inducing yourself (and your child, of course) is not as great a motivational technique as you think! By comparing the equation, the exact opposite is the way we want it: we will be unable to enjoy what we have and never be overwhelmed with our performance. (Via)Also worth reading:
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