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Types Of Breastfeeding Babies: From Barracuda To Suckling

Breast-feeding babies can also be observed to differ in their way of eating, ie they are characterized by a different pattern. To what group does your baby belong?

THE barrakuda tнpusъ baba it instantly "connects" to the breast and gives it a strong, energetic heartbeat for 10 to 20 minutes, which can even be painful.A barracuda baby can also cause pain for the mother. An excited baby responds to the maternal breast condition with almost exasperated excitement, but this can result in not being able to get the nipple properly, losing his or her mouth easily, making it even thicker. You may need to be reassured several times during breastfeeding. This pattern may be characteristic of babies who have not yet "learned" proper breastfeeding techniques. It is important that you start feeding your baby just before you are hungry because it makes it harder for you to "watch".An excited baby is often not very effective THE baby of delayed type does not always indicate that she is hungry and does not show much interest in breastfeeding. You may already be "bored" by the day before. Let's be very patient with him and put as much breast on him as we can. We can also try different breastfeeding positions!The delayed baby should not be pushed Gentle babies love to cuddle or play with their nipples before they can really breastfeed. You may need for a longer period of breastfeeding, the urgency of nausea and nausea will only make you frustrated!The ginny baby loves to cook The бlomszuszйkIt is easy to fall asleep during breastfeeding: you can sleep for a few minutes after breastfeeding and then continue to eat when you are up again. This can lead to marathon breastfeeding! Be extra patient and flexible, try to plan today so that you can have enough time for breastfeeding!Freemasonry often gets sucked into breastfeeding Illustrations: Pau Padre(Via)