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Legal triumph in public breastfeeding

So far, women have been constantly criticized and have given birth when they have been breastfeeding in public. From now on, however, we can officially say that they are absolutely the best at what they do. At least in America.

Legal triumph in public breastfeedingFor two years (Utah and Idaho), there was no legal rule that would protect publicly breastfeeding mothers, whether or not "with some resistance, but accepted.A statement to the Salt Lake Tribune Curt Webb however, the Republican spokesman said the vitrification had left some to be desired. "It sounds like women don't have to cover themselves at all," Webb said. "I can't accept this. Simply not." Therefore, the proposal was changed and the phrase "regardless of whether you conceal yourself or not" was removed altogether and finally passed with a final vote of 66-5 votes. The law passed. 66 yes and 0 no votes. Now, breastfeeding babies are legally protected in all US states, with which the United States has signed up for the United Kingdom, Australia and other breastfeeding countries (via parents).Related articles on Public Breastfeeding:
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