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The baby's brain works just as well

Women make better use of their brains during pregnancy than after childbirth, according to research that suggests that the development of a small nervous system is another kind of mechanism.

The baby brain begins to work

THE "BŠ¹biagynak" was also known as a phenomenon, which is something many mothers report on - and now it seems to have a scholarly background. Those affected are often oblivious, respectively they are overwhelming in the months of fortuneand they are less able to focus on logical tasks. Researchers at the University of London have found evidence that the part of pregnant women responsible for the brain has increased activity. Women use their brain better than they do after childbirth. "Our results provide a meaningful insight into the baby's brain, which makes the baby more sensitive." dr. Victoria Bourne, an associate professor of psychology at Royal Holloway College. "We have shown that, during pregnancy, the process of refreshing sensations in the brain is altered. as they grew up, and the faces of their babies with positive and negative feelings. The study used photos of a neutral face and a reflective face assembly to see which brain region is processing positive and negative sensations"From previous discussions we already know that pregnant women are more sensitive sentiment, especially when they see a baby face. We also know that one of the causes of postpartum depression may be to see their own children's reactions more negative than they are. This study is an important step in understanding the biological background of the mother-child relationship, "Dr. Bourne concluded.
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