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Evening baths

The highlight of the day is the evening bath. With a little enjoyment you can soak in the pleasant warm water, the largest volume of the parents.

Do not spoil this daily routine with haste, nervousness. Prepare your supplies carefully so that every moment of the bath will be truly enjoyable. about the right thermometerso that the baby does not bother even when he is raised on the bathrobe at the end of the bath. Baby oil, cotton wool, cloths, bath sheets, clean clothes, buttocks, diapers should be on hand so that you do not have to lose your hands and nappies. The Newborn never leave it unattended in a place where you can fall!

Bathing, purifying your baby is an enormous honor and family ceremony!

Before Bath clean the bends with an oily cotton swab, in the armpit, under the neck, between the ears and between the thighs. Let the hot water in the bathtub be a little hot, as by the time it comes to bathing, the water will cool slightly. The ideal temperature 38 degreesif you are still inexperienced, use a water meter. Let's put on a swimsuit so you don't slip on your baby's butt, even if you hold it firmly under your head, you will catch it. You can bathe in clear water, but you can get it in the pharmacy fьrцsztхkenхcs is also a perfect solution for cleaning. Don't leave small babies alone for too long, not everyone likes to be undressed. And as they grow, they are enjoying their lubricants more and more. favorite water gameto give you a little spanking.
Use the bathtub finisher to lift it onto the bath sheet, wrap it and soak up the water. Clean clothes, diapers, and soon the last meal and then sleep can come.
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