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Spiritually, the contamination has ceased

Not only does air pollution cause respiratory illnesses and shorten life expectancy, it can also be linked to the development of mental illness, including depression and schizophrenia.

However, according to the parents of this new study, further research is needed to confirm the findings. People in polluted air are at greater risk of developing bipolar disorder or depression. Spiritually, the contamination has ceased Andrey Rzhetsky, a lead author of the study, a researcher at the University of Chicago, pointed out that while mental illness can have a number of different causes, air pollution is a new factor. He added that experiments with dogs and rodents have shown that airborne contaminants enter the brain where they cause inflammation, which is associated with symptoms such as depression. "It's very possible that the same thing could happen to people," he said. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates air pollution causes the death of 7 million people every yearwhich is more than the total number of deaths due to wounds, murders, tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria. Many studies have addressed the effects of this study, and the relationship between mental illnesses and research is poorly researched. The dбn pбciensek esetйben tнzйves age vizsgбltбk the mentбlis betegsйg kialakulбsa йs the lйgszennyezettsйg kцzцtti цsszefьggйst the Egyesьlt Бllamokban and valуs idхben vizsgбltбk the lйgszennyezettsйg szintjйt.A lйgszennyezettsйgnek valу kitettsйg childhood tцbb as kйtszeresйre raised skizofrйnia kockбzatбt the dбn pбciensek kцrйben but szemйlyisйgzavaros, depressziуs and bipolar disorder has also increased. US data also confirmed that bipolar disorder and depression have been associated with a higher risk of a comment by Stanford University professor, John Ioannidis, however, emphasizing that research has raised the possibility that air pollution can cause a morbid illness, the researchers failed to unequivocally justify it. "The analysis of large databases, in spite of the evidence available, has significant shortcomings and the long series of possible biases can invalidate the observed relationships," the professor wrote in his note.
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