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6 mins of a pregnant woman who has a currency pageWhy is it worth taking the warnings seriously?

Most pregnant mothers know a little superstition about what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. Of course, superstitions have no basis, but there are some beliefs that are worth taking seriously.

Mнtosz: Avoid cats pregnant as your child will be deceived!
Tйny: Cat fans should not worry because the proximity of cats will affect the nature of the baby to be born in any way, but because cats can carry a variety of diseases, primarily parasites called toxoplasma.The proximity of the cat does not affect the personality of the baby to be born Mнtosz: Don't get out of hand when you're pregnant, because good spirits can lift the baby!
Tйny: You should not be afraid of malignant supernatural features, but of drafts, cold stones or extremely uncomfortable positions. These may increase the risk of illness (eg, colds) or back pain.Mнtosz: A lot of strawberries and you would love to have a rusty face doll!
Tйny: Fruits have no direct effect on the appearance of the newborn child, but they are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the healthy development of the fetus.Mнtosz: Don't watch horror movies pregnant because your kid will be ugly!
Tйny: What a mother sees or does not affect the appearance of the baby, but overly awesome, upset, or very exciting films can trigger stress reactions in the body that do no good to either the mother or herself. And because of hormonal changes, we can experience feelings, positives and negatives much more intensely!Mнtosz: Don't cross your legs with your legs crossed, because the kid will be more stingy!
Tйny: Crossed legs primarily affect the circulatory system and can be more valuable to the mother than the baby, for example, increasing the risk of recurrence.Mнtosz: It is forbidden to take a bath while pregnant, because you wash your luck off the baby!
Fact: Of course, the basic hygiene rules are good to follow, even if you're expecting a baby, and even a nice shower can be good! But a hot bath can have many dangers and, in extreme cases, can cause miscarriage. (Via)Also worth reading:
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