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The first child to truly become the seventhChronicle of the New Life - Part Seven

Due to the conditions, my six-month-old fetus now comes to life more than a third child, rather than a first-born baby. The result: less para, more liberated baby kittens.

The first child to be the number one childGoing around the net is a funny photo of what's the difference between first and second pregnancies: with the first child, the mother is exhausted by everything that comes - baby, small, gymnastics, intimacy, such, terhessйgi against csнkok free elхadбsok, babaexpуk, mнg the mбsodiknбl leginkбbb цrьl just to get nagyjбbуl levegхhцz, mikцzben prуbбlja tъlйlni the kйtgyermekes lйt felй vezetх napokat.A nyilvбn situation is not so szйlsхsйges but mйgis jуl szemlйlteti how much felkйszьltebben, kevйsbй the tцkйletessйgre the human body is stressed by the arrival of the second and the ubiquitous. And as I say all this: I've been thinking a lot about why I'm so relaxed for these 9 months, and it occurred to me that maybe (many) moms in my life would still live in my life ...

Mary Poppins and the raised children

It is not unequivocal that the first child comes into my life with whom swing dust vs. popcorn, the carrying case vs. kangaroo, moshatу diaper vs. papelrpelus, our wheel aludjon vs. put them in separate rooms and face similar problems first and foremost. The unokahъgom szьletйsйtхl egйszen the уvodбig because I was present at the nхvйremйk йletйben, йs there in college nagynйnikйnt (szabadidхvel bнrу, bevethetх bйbiszitterkйnt) lots tudбst, experience szнvtam myself, milliу pelenkacserйvel, jбtszуterezйssel, цltцztetйssel, esхs dйlutбnok indoor бtvйszelйsйvel, jбtszуhбzas йlmйnnyel, йjszakai nemalvбssal " Why can? " requests for answers, thousands of tricks I could count on sleeping in Sleep / Green / Sleeping Pause / picking my choice of clothes - and more. Obviously I did not educate myself exclusively, and since then I am not responsible for its development, yet every minute, night and weekend, all things, all the hardships, all the foolishness.
The other factor that makes me not a "virgin" mother is that my baby was born to my husband exactly three months ago, just when I was growing up. Easy to notice: I was able to continue with my foster son where I left off with my cousin. Then came the drone era, the often incomprehensible reactions, the obligatory sneezes (various health problems, gymnastics, drug injections, etc.) that came together. He knows you can count on me just like your father's.
I used to refer to these years under the title "Introduction to Parenting", since it did not give a complete picture of the present, but it gave a little glimpse of everything that was possible at the beginning of the year. . In such cases, it becomes clear whether one is getting deeper into himself, or just enough points. I definitely had a desire to go on, fortunately for the couple, in fact.

With the smallest knot possible

The body that I am expecting from this experience is here to look forward to. When we go into the baby shop, we laugh, pointing our fingers at the many stupid nonsense, things that one of us has had to do with these children, and they have proven to be superfluous. We are in no hurry to get anything in advance because we know a lot about what is absolutely necessary, and what falls into the category of "if we can afford it, let's buy it" and what goes into the "child's need" category. We are not rigid about almost any question because we have been reluctant to admit to each other many times when our most firmly held principles were lost.

Being the second and third child is simpler

The situation is fair, so I'm sympathetic, because I am practically the second child in my family whom I did not feel tired of, and as my dad put it, I was clothed and brought back by the dog. The story was round in me as well, with which I had my doubts and queries, which I thanked the children mentioned above for correcting them in the past years. a deed, a decision, everything I simply needed for a "narrow" perspective. I accepted my parents as a human being in the middle of my twenties, and I was so frightened of my childhood thinking.
Look what's coming now. With much more patience than I ever believed.
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