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Sex: Only if you sleep enough?

Two-thirds of the three thousand asked to say that they only have sex for sex on weekends when they know that they do not have to get up early.

More than half of those questioned refused to approach their couple in the past month and, at the same time, they refused to say no at all. The most common reasons for refusals were low quality sleep and long working hours, and the fact that the couple sleeps too late, the children get too early, or sleep too much, .
The survey also found that more than half of the British refused to sleep with their couple after ten in the evening, but one quarter after nine hours, because they had already been very tired. On the other hand, few couples have had quarrels for lack of sex, and 17 of them have specialized in this.

Sex: Only if you sleep enough?

Many in the fire have admitted that it would require more effort to spend time in the household. Louise White, of the Pharmaton Vitality Capsules, said: "After a long day at work or all-day housekeeping, most people are very tired of doing anything and just wanting to get down."
The study also pointed out that fatigue does not only have an adverse effect on sexual life. Many people have reported that they regularly forget things or give up friendly meetings on the grounds of fatigue. Many people hesitate to do their job perfectly, they feel so exhausted. People use different tactics to combat fatigue. There are people who swear by tea or coffee, others try to take a nap each day, but there are also some who refresh themselves with some exercise or maybe get a piece of chocolate.

Baby Room

Parents with small children are in a particularly difficult position when it comes to sex. In addition to sleeplessness and fatigue, the problem is that waking up with the little good senses is the worst, and can disrupt the very hard-to-get-together.
Idea to make it a little better for you:
  • You look up to the little bisexual a day. As long as you send them to the playground, you are the world!
  • Make time for each other, even without strictly taken sex. It's important that you both know what engages, sins, or throws up others. Sometimes they are so small!
  • Sometimes you also have plenty of room for a lock. Flash sex is better than nothing.
  • If your baby is not breastfeeding, surprise yourself with a wellness weekend.
  • If the vagina is a problem, a natural estrogen deficiency condition that is formed during exclusive breastfeeding can be helped in time by a vaginal or pharmacist-friendly skeleton.
  • If you have a problem, ask for help in the Hungarian Sexual Therapy and Paratrooper Association Hungarian Sexual Therapy and Paratrooper Association

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