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GYET 2019 - What Do You Need to Know About Requests?

Parenting support, GYET, is a benefit that helps parents with at least 3 children who are family members in a household. How much GYET can you count and how can you claim it?

GYET 2019 - What Do You Need to Know About Requests?

Who is eligible for GYET?

GYET can be claimed by a parent or guardian if they have at least 3 children in a household. The supply the youngest child is between 3 and 8 years old for the family, however, if the oldest child (ren) reaches the age of 18, and so the number of children living in a household under 3 is reduced, eligibility will cease.

Who doesn't have GYET?

Persons who work more than 30 hours a week are not eligible for GYET, but there is no time limit when doing work at home. GYET should not be applied for after a child placed in temporary custody, educated or placed in a social institution for more than 30 days. GYET does not benefit a parent or guardian if he / she is in custody or a prisoner. You will receive sick leave, work accident insurance, and care allowance for the care of a severely handicapped person requiring increased care.

How much GYET can you count?

THE AMOUNT OF THE CHILD is equal to the lowest amount of the old age pension every month, regardless of how many children are raised in a household. As this amount will not increase in 2019 either gross monthly 28,500 forints You can count on GYET - after deducting 10 percent of your retirement benefits, you will be paid $ 26,650, and fractions of a month will be one-thirtieth of the monthly amount.

How to get GYET?

By filling out the "Request Parenting Support Statement" form, you will be able to claim the benefit, which will also include the type of documents you will need to attach to your application. You must submit your application form to the county office of your county where you live and if you are eligible, it will be available to you when you submit your claim. If you submit it in a convenient way, you can request support back from the first day of the second month before the day you apply.Related articles on Family Benefits:
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